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Suspended Stages is our name and our business: sales, service and rental of window washing and suspended access equipment, hoists and scaffolding. Our leadership in the field comes from over 35 years of total family commitment to our customers.



Safety first, because safety is paramount with suspended access equipment. All of our equipment is engineered to meet existing provincial and national regulations and standards. SSI has the qualified personnel to instruct and train your workers in the safe and proper use of all our products. A properly educated operator will help to provide a safe work environment for everyone on the job site. Contact a qualified SSI instructor to learn more about our safety training programs.


Our ever attentive service keeps all of our equipment in top safety condition. Our service starts with helping you select the right equipment or system for your application. Our representatives will explain the functions and benefits of each system and review with you the particular installation and operational costs of the equipment.

Contact SSI first for a free site inspection and quote.

SSI supports you, whether it is for a rental or permanent application, providing any maintenance or repair service you require. Same-day service for rental mechanical support is guaranteed!


At SSI were especially proud of the ingenuity with which we approach every project. We have the know-how to tackle any challenge, no matter off-beat or unusual. If its a permanent system, our goal is always to design a system that is an integral part of the structure and is as manageable, economical and unobtrusive as possible.

Our ingenuity makes sure you get the system that works for you, no matter how challenging the specifications are. If you need to rent, SSI stocks the suspended access equipment and scaffolding you need for any job.

SSI offers our quality products and service with competitive pricing providing value and reliability for all your projects and access requirements.


Established in 1981 by Bardon Yorke and his sons Keith & Stephen, the Etobicoke location serves the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Eastern Canada and international clients.

SSI employs more than 30 highly trained professionals dedicated to our founding principals of - SAFETY, SERVICE and INGENUITY.

SSI has grown to supply two primary market types: Rental Systems and Permanent Systems.

In 1995 SSI opened for business in Burnaby, British Columbia, serving the Greater Vancouver Area, the Lower Mainland and Western Canada.

Telephone: (416) 243 - 7179

Telephone: (604) 438-7179

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